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Università degli Studi di Brescia

The University of Brescia is an Italian public research university located in Brescia which was officially established in 1982. The University of Brescia is now a medium-size university and offers quality programs and competitive research in areas related to Health, Law, Engineering and Economics.
The University’s aim is to improve, continuously, the quality of life of the people and the environment of Brescia, Italy, and the world at large, by generating integrated cultural and technical knowledge and by providing training and tools to address the challenges of our times. The Department of Law of the University of Brescia is the coordinator of the project Come Forward.


Bilitis is a lesbians and bisexual women, trans and intersex people-led organization, legally registered in 2004. Our approach takes into account the interconnectedness between gender, race, class, sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, and other factors, which shape the social status of the individual. Bilitis aims at overcoming all forms of discrimination and achieving full equality of LGBTI persons in Bulgaria, including the elimination of legal gaps concerning hate crimes, family equality, and legal gender recognition. It also advocates for LGBTI-friendly policies in the spheres of education, employment and healthcare. Bilitis has a track record in conducting research of the situation of LGBTI people in different spheres of live and publishing reports, which have been used as the basis of evidence-based advocacy for LGBTI rights in Bulgaria. On the community level we work for LGBTI self-empowerment and incubation of new leaders of the Bulgarian LGBTI movement.


Çavaria is an umbrella organisation with more than 120 member associations. Those associations are offered support, involvement and training and together they form the LGBT community. Furthermore the equal opportunity team targets the broad society. Çavaria stands up for LGBT people by operating on the structural level. Çavaria conducts campaigns, informs, sensibilizes, lobbies and opiniates. The Holebifoon is a free and anonymous help and information line. It offers help to LGBT people and their environment and acts as a hotline for incidents of discrimination. Zizo-magazine is the flagship of çavaria, on paper as well as online.

Colour Youth

Colour Youth – Athens LGBTQ Youth Community, was created in 2011. It is a member of (Greek) Racist Violence Recording Network and the (Greek) National Commission against Racism and Intolerance. Colour Youth’s aims to raise social awareness regarding LGBTQI+ community´s demands, apply institutional pressure for the modernization of the legal framework regarding gender identity and sexual orientation and create a strong youth community functioning as a shelter for every LGBTQI+ person. Towards meeting its goals, Colour Youth offers the following services: weekly open meetings, confidential recording of incidents of violence and/or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, legal support and psycho-social of victims, personal counseling with a psychologist, psychodrama group, discussion groups supervised by professionals.


Galop is the UK’s LGBT anti-violence organisation. It provides specialist support, advice and assistance to people facing hate crime, domestic abuse and sexual violence. Its services are independent and community led. It also works to improve the response to anti-LGBT violence and abuse through research, training, campaigning, and providing information resources for professionals. Galop has been working to challenge violence and abuse against LGBT people for 35 years. Find out more about its work at

Gabinet d’Estudis Socials

GES is a Barcelona-based cooperative that deals with social research, social evaluation and social training. It was founded in 1994 and is active at local, national and European levels. It has conducted research and evaluations in a great number of fields such as migration and ethnic minorities, human rights, poverty and social exclusion, the labour market and vulnerable populations. It has been a member of the Spanish team for both the European Union Monitoring Centre for Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) and the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA). At the local level, it is particularly worth mentioning that GES was the technical body responsible for the Barcelona Observatory on Human Rights between 2008 and 2012.


GLAS is a non-governmental organization which aims to deliver positive change for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Bulgaria, ensuring full equality and protection from all forms of discrimination. Our vision is of full participation of LGBTI people in all aspects of life and society. GLAS foundation, established in 2014, focuses on headline targets like positive representation of the LGBTI community in the society, working with parents of gay people and holding public campaigns combating homophobic hate crimes and promoting tolerance and acceptance. We are currently involved in several campaigns for changing social acceptance and preventing homophobic bullying and hate speech and working on the launch of the first Bulgarian Association of Rainbow Businesses, aiming at establishing workplace diversity and equality for LGBT employees.

Háttér Society

Háttér Society, founded in 1995, is the largest LGBTQI NGO in Hungary. It operates an information and counselling hotline, an in person counselling service, a legal aid service, an HIV/AIDS prevention program and an archive documenting the history of the LGBTQI movement in Hungary. Besides its core activities Háttér regularly participates in research and training projects and is actively involved in lobbying for advancing the rights of LGBTQI people through legal change. Háttér is an active member of the Hungarian NGO coalition Working Group Against Hate Crimes.

Lambda Warsaw

Lambda Warsaw is the most experienced Polish LGBT rights organization (est. 1997). Lambda’s mission is to a create a social space for constructing a positive identity of the LGBT community. Lambda’s primary field of work is providing support services and advocating for equal rights for members of LGBT community. Activities related to hate crime include, inter alia:
(1) providing support services for LGBT people, including: telephone, email, messenger, and face-to-face psychological and legal counselling;
(2) emergency housing;
(3) research and monitoring;
(4) building capacity of police and victim support service providers;
(5) coordinating the work of the Coalition Against Bias Crimes;
(6) advocating for change of laws and improved support services.
Lambda Warsaw is the scientific leader of the project Come Forward.

Lithuanian Gay League

The National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL is the sole civil society organization in Lithuania, exclusively working in the field of LGBT* human rights. With the view of combating the negative phenomenon of anti-LGBT* hate crimes and hate speech, the organization seeks to enhance the capacities of the national stakeholders through the targeted trainings, public consultations and advocacy work. It also provides legal and financial support for the victims of anti-LGBT* hate crimes. Finally, the association LGL encourages the members of the local LGBT* community to report the experienced instances of hate speech and hate crimes to the competent national authorities through the targeted awareness raising measures.


Praksis (Programs of development, social support and medical cooperation) is an independent Non-Governmental Organization whose main goal is the design, application and implementation of humanitarian programs and medical interventions. Praksis main goal is the elimination of social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and the defense of their personal and social rights. Through the implementation of European programs Praksis participates in corporate collaborations and networks with other EU members concerning research, advocacy, exchange of good practices, propagation of information and results, lobbying, divulgation of information and sensitization on different issues.

Universitat de Girona

The UdG is a public institution devoted to excellence in teaching and research that strives to contribute to the development and progress of society through the creation, transmission, dissemination and review of knowledge related to sciences, technology, humanities and arts. Research at the UdG is carried out in more than 100 research groups associated to 22 departments and 12 research institutes. A considerable part of this research is conducted in international contexts, where the UdG has gained wide experience in the management and coordination of international and European grants.

Zagreb Pride

Zagreb Pride, a queer-feminist and anti-fascist organization, strives towards an active society of solidarity, equality, equity and social justice, which is achieved through the deconstruction of the patriarchy in all its forms, whilst acknowledging every person’s right to self-determination, self-identification and self-definition. Through education, research, advocacy, empowerment and direct action, Zagreb Pride struggles for rights of LGBTIQ individuals and community, non-normative families, and society as a whole, and works on the elimination of all forms of discrimination based on the full promotion, respect and protection of human rights.

Associate Partners

Avvocatura per i Diritti LGBT

ILGA Europe
Office for the Commission of Human Rights

Institute for the Equality of Women and Men
Human Rights House

Human Rights Monitoring Institute
Greek Ombudsman

Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights
Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities

International Network for Hate Studies