"Come Forward: Empowering and Supporting Victims of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes"

The project comprises three main workstreams: research, trainings and outreach.

The first workstream involves research and analytical activities. The quantitative and qualitative studies will allow for assessing the training needs of target groups and collection of good practices on combating underreporting and supporting victims of anti-LGBT hate crime. The activities involve conducting online surveys for reporting centres and victim support service providers; collection of good practices; and conducting 200 structured interviews. Research results will be published in a report covering 10 EU member states, and will feed into a handbook on addressing anti-LGBT hate crimes for professionals.

The second component is devoted to training. In the first step, we will prepare a bespoke training curriculum, based on the findings from research. The programme will be designed to build capacity of professionals to address anti-LGBT hate crimes. Then, we will organize an international Training of Trainers. Finally, the trainers will deliver trainings in their respective countries (and languages) to reporting centres and victim support service providers. As a result, over a thousand professionals in Europe will be trained.

Simultaneously to the training delivery, works will be carried out on developing the information packs for victims in the third workstream. The aim of the info packs will be to raise awareness of the existing framework for combating anti-LGBT hate crime and victims’ rights. The aim of this workstream is to encourage victims to make use of the reporting mechanisms and support services.

The project concludes with an international conference in Bulgaria, bringing together hate crime experts, policy makers and advocates from across Europe. Conference proceedings will be published in an edited volume.