There is no international obligation to treat sexual orientation and gender identity as protected grounds in national criminal law.[...]

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There is conclusive evidence that anti-LGBT hate crime persists across Europe. According to FRA LGBT Survey (2013), more than one in four (26%) LGBT people had been attacked or threatened with violence in the five years preceding the research. National victimization surveys, as well as cases collected by civil society organizations and reported to ODIHR, also show a high number of anti-LGBT hate crime across the region. Homophobic and transphobic violence remains underreported across Europe. Fewer than one in five of the incidents (17%) are brought to the attention of the police.


The project comprises three main workstreams: research, trainings and outreach. The first workstream involves research and analytical activities. The quantitative and qualitative studies will allow for assessing the training needs of target groups and collection of good practices on combating underreporting and supporting victims of anti-LGBT hate crime.
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